Network Security
Prevents Data Theft
Prevents File Sabotage
Protects from Spyware
Prevents Unauthorised Access
Reduces Unnecessary Traffic

Hardware & Software Firewall

Edge hardware firewalls as well as high end software firewalls on every computer will ensure that traffic to and from your device from the internet is not just monitored but filtered as well.

Automated systems which will detect and block suspicious activity before it is noticed is essential as most exploits will allow others to view and change data on your PC without your knowlege.

Preventing Data Theft

Preventing data theft is perhaps the most sought after feature of firewall infrastructure. Preventing others from access your and your client’s information so that you can feel secure when collecting, utilising and sharing sensitive data within your workplace.

Some of the more notable events in Secutiry breaches include unauthorised credit card and password access. Stay ahead of the competition and utilise the facilities of technical experts ensuring yours and your clients safety.

Preventing File Sabotage

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Protect from Spyware

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Prevent Unauthorised Access

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Reduce Unnecessary Traffic

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